How to troubleshoot email issues

When your emails are not working it is very frustrating.  Here are some helpful steps that you can follow to troubleshoot your email issue.

We are going to be using MX Toolbox to troubleshoot your email issue.

Step 1. Check your nameservers are setup correctly

First thing is to check to ensure that the domain name for your domain is pointing to the correct nameservers.

In MX Toolbox DNS option put in your domain name and lookup your DNS servers.  Make sure they are correct, if you are hosting with Fastitcloud they are

If the nameservers are not correct login to domain name control panel and update the nameservers to the correct ones.  If you are hosting your domain name with Fastitcloud you can login to the Client area

Step 2. Check the MX Record for your domain name

The MX Record is the DNS setting which determines where your emails are sent to, this needs to be correct.  You can check your MX record by going to MX Toolbox MX Record lookup tool. 

Your MX Record should be pointing to your email server, this can be a variety of things.  Below are some common email services that you may be using.

Google Apps 

Office 365

With Office 365 they give you a MX record with your own, if you are unsure about what your Office 365 mx record is meant to be.  You need to get in touch with your Office 365 Administrator and ask them what it should be.  They will be able to find out by logging into their Office 365 administrators account and looking it up.

Step 3. Check Webmail

The next step is to login to your webmail account, you will be checking two things.
1. Is the username and password that you are using correct?
2. Can you send and receive an email from the webmail account.

If your webmail is working correctly you will now know that the issue is probably with a setting in your email client (Outlook, Outlook Express etc)

If you can't login to your webmail it will be because your password is wrong, your IP address is blocked or something like that.  So you need to get in touch with your administrator to sort out.

Once you get that issue resolved your email should then work on your chosen email client.

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