Provide more space for your email volume

Upgrading to your email storage, secure and fast.

Email 20GB storage upgrading 0 Available

Starting at $6.99/user/mo

Adding a professional email 10GB/email account. for your email storage.

Email 50GB storage upgrading

Starting at $12.99/user/mo for your email plan.

Adding a professional email 50GB/user/email to your email quota.

Email Cloud Backup

Email is the primary form of business communication today. Making an email backup solution an essential piece of business infrastructure.
Your email backup must serve many purposes – from demonstrating compliance to fulfilling litigation hold requests to providing access to the information employees need to be productive.

Pro Business Email 10 GB

The Professional email that matches your domain.
Build trust with a business email that matches your domain.
10GB storage capacity


JetBackup's self-service functionality allows end-users to restore an account within seconds.
FAST I.T Cloud provides JetBackup has seen a big difference in the volume of support tickets related to backups.
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